Grab your photos.

PhotoGrabber is the best Facebook photo downloading utility.

Note: Due to Facebook API changes, PhotoGrabber will no longer work after 30 April 2015.

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  • Simple to follow step-by-step wizard
  • Organizes photos by user and album
  • Downloads highest resolution available


  • Uses the official Facebook API
  • No third party middleman
  • HTTPS certificate validation


  • Tagged photos
  • Uploaded albums
  • Tags, comments, likes, oh my!

Free & Open

  • Open Source (GPLv3)
  • Support for: Windows, OSX, Linux
  • Audit, alter, contribute


Open PhotoGrabber and press Login:

Your default web browser will direct you to Facebook to accept the PhotoGrabber permissions prompt:

Enter your token

Copy the token displayed on your web browser into the token text box and click Next.

Pro-tip If you encounter errors, enter :info or :debug after your token and include the pg.log file when submitting a bug report.

Choose your target(s)

Select the person, people, or pages that you wish to download.

Pro-tip click Advanced to download a target (person or page) who is not your friend.

Choose a download location

New Now with unicode filesystem support!

Your photos will be ready shortly!

Error If fewer photos are downloaded than expected, please read this.

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